Looking for reliable internet in Nkomazi?

Before you sign on the dotted line, here are 7 Questions that you need to ask your potential new Internet provider in Nkomazi

And you must demand absolute honesty and a watertight guarantee from them, because you WILL be locked in a 24 month contract with no way to get out if you make the wrong choice!

OR if you are currently with an existing internet service provider in Nkomazi, is the following happening to you?

  • Does your internet go down during loadshedding?

  • Is your internet slow and unreliable?

  • Are you constantly getting infected by viruses and receiving spam messages?

  • Does your internet provider not respond if you have an issue?

  • Are your videos buffering and freezing?

  • Is your internet guy blaming your PC's or network for slow speeds?

  • Is your PC guy blaming your internet guy for slow speeds?

  • Do you simply need good advice but who do you trust?

  • Have you been sold a specific internet speed and you're not getting it?

  • Do you think you can do more with what you have?

  • Does your internet provider not care?

  • Does your internet guy want you to sign a two year agreement?

  • Is there no-one to call when you're experiencing problems after-hours?

  • Even worse, are you still using up all your data on a prepaid plan? Only have 5GB's or 10GB's or even 60GB's of data? Our average small business user uses 1500GB of data per month!


The 7 Questions That Your New ISP Needs To Answer Truthfully

Before signing anything, there are 7 questions that needs to be answered by your Internet Provider in Nkomazi. If they cannot answer these question with the utmost sincerity, give them a miss.

Remember, you are probably going to sign up for a 24 month deal with no way out, so, do not regret your decision! I have had so many clients come to me, begging me to take over their connections because they are experiencing slow connectivity, bad customer service or they were promised the world by a shady salesperson, and now they're stuck in a contract with no way out.

Caveat Emptor. Let The Buyer Beware!

Question # 1 to ask your New Internet Service Provider in Nkomazi:

Show me your online reviews

This should not be a difficult question to answer. If they won't show you, simply Google the company name and the results will pop right up. Look on sites like hellopeter.com for the specific company, and most importantly, see if they respond to customer complaints.

Fast Internet in Marloth Park
Fast Internet in Marloth Park
Fast Internet in Marloth Park

If they have no reviews, that's even worse. Look, no one's perfect and we all make mistakes. But no reviews? That's fishy as hell.

Question # 2 to ask your New Internet Service Provider in Nkomazi:

Show me your average network uptime

This is also very easy to produce, trust me, they should be monitoring it feverishly.

Look, in our industry, the single most important indicator we have control over is our uptime.

If they're not monitoring their uptime, they're unprofessional or incompetent.

If they're not willing to show it to you, their uptime probably sucks.

Techconnect Network is up more than 98%

Once again, I admit, things go down. Sometimes downtime is out of an ISP's control, like a train crash that ripped out our overhead fiber cables and caused hours of downtime.

But it shouldn't last for days or weeks. Maintenance is scheduled out of peak times and emergency maintenance shouldn't last more than a couple of hours.

And an uptime of above 97% should give you a fair indication of the ISP's network stability, it should be minutes per month, not hours and days.

As a matter of fact, you can view our uptime on our web site right here:

View the Techconnect Network Status in Marloth Park

Question # 3 to ask your New Internet Service Provider in Nkomazi:

What Are Your Support Hours?

Also an easy one to answer. It should be right there on their web site.

Techconnect After hours standby number

Here's a tip: Test their support. See if anyone answers. Test if they answer after-hours. Are you speaking to a Level 1 support agent who is simply going to ask a technician to look at the problem the following day, or is there someone with the technical expertise that can attend to your problem immediately?

Question # 4 to ask your New Internet Service Provider in Nkomazi:

Is your internet truly unshaped, uncapped and do you have a throttling or Fair Usage Policy?

You see, many times they say it is uncapped, unshaped, unthrottled and un-whatever. But that is a little white lie they tell you to make you feel better about signing up with them.

Well-known cellular providers that sell you an uncapped connection start implementing what they call a "Fair Usage Policy" once you hit a certain download limit.

It's right there in your contract, but you didn't read it, did you now?

Techconnet uncapped unshaped internet no FUP

Yep, you read that right, they slow you right down to 2 mbps after 400GB of data is used, and there's a hard lock on your account after 600GB of usage.

"But I'll never be able to use 600GB in a month!" you shout in dismay.

In your dreams! Between myself, my wife and my 2 kids we use this in 5 days, no problem!

Streaming is data hungry, and I would love to see you explain to your family how your super fast brand spanking new data contract is now locked down because they were watching a movie or TikTok video. Good Luck with that!

Question # 5 to ask your New Internet Service Provider in Nkomazi:

Does your network stay up during load shedding?

Of course they'll say, "yes it does". Pinky promise? You definitely have backup batteries on all your towers. Pinky Promise?

No they don't, and I know because at this very moment in time, the door to the server cabinet of a well-known cellular data provider is standing wide open, all the batteries stolen and it only works when Eskom works. Full stop.

And they have another problem. Their equipment is power hungry beasts. They need enough batteries to power a large home. Ever tried to convert a large home to "off-the-grid" power? It's damn expensive.

So if the batteries get stolen, they assess the client base in the area, and if that specific tower is not a cash cow for them, there's not a chance that they're going to be replacing those batteries, especially in Nkomazi.

Let me show you something interesting about the equipment we use:

Techconnect Backup Batteries

Read it and weep, Cellular Providers! Our equipment is extremely power efficient!

For the technical guys out there, two batteries will keep my most power hungry tower going for two days!

That's 88 Watts consumed by our most densely populated tower. A couple of good solar panels and some large batteries and some nice Komati sunshine and we're good to go for months on end.

QUESTION # 6 to ask your New Internet Service Provider in Nkomazi:

Do you optimise video streaming and Whatsapp calls?

Funny question to ask? Not really, you see, 80% of all traffic being consumed today is video and Whatsapp calls. It makes sense to prioritise the most used traffic, doesn't it?

techCONNECT uses a system called Preseem, which basically acts as a traffic cop for data.

Imagine your Wi-Fi network as a busy highway and your Wi-Fi router as a tollgate.

Watch the video to understand exactly how Preseem makes the techCONNECT network far superior to the competition.

Preseem acts like a traffic cop, regulating the flow of data to make sure high-priority activities like video streaming get the speed they need, while less urgent tasks wait their turn.

With Preseem, your video streaming on platforms like Netflix, YouTube, and TikTok will never buffer again. Your voice calls over WhatsApp and other VoIP services will also experience unprecedented clarity.

Question # 7 to ask your New Internet Service Provider in Nkomazi:

Is your network secure? How do you make sure my family and I stay safe while we're online.

You know that the speed of your internet package isn't the only determining factor that causes slow internet, right?

Things like viruses on your PC could flood your data line with traffic, causing your connection to slow down to a crawl. Has your potential ISP implemented a system like

Whalebone, to ensure the online safety of you and your family?

Whalebone is built right into your internet connection with techCONNECT. It contains a massive database of "suspect" web sites, compiled by the top internet security companies in the world.

If, by accident, you happen to click on a link to one of these sites, Whalebone will block the site and warn you that this is a suspicious site and give you the reasons why this site has been flagged as nasty.

Watch the video above to see how Whalebone keeps your connected devices safe and secure.

But it's too late! I've already been infected!

A strange thing happens when we connect a new client to our Nkomazi network.

Whalebone usually goes crazy!

We get alerted of a device, or sometimes multiple devices that were infected by a virus or some spammy software.

Some devices like Smart TV's and home surveillance cameras even try and dial out to some weird sites and try and save confidential information on a cloud server somewhere.

Whalebones picks this up and blocks those devices from compromising your network.

Safe Browsing In Maloth Park

Each month, we give you an hour of free help from our tech team. If your computer or other devices catch a virus or unwanted ads, we're here to clean them up for you. It's all part of making sure you have a safe and easy time online with our service.

We have a hidden agenda too. By removing these nasties, we prevent junk from spreading on our network, which means less bandwidth is wasted and everyone enjoys a better connection. It's a win-win – you stay safe, and our network stays strong and fast.

"OK, so all of this is great. But could you help me setup a camera system for my home? And what about an alarm system or a solar setup?"

We could, but we prefer not to, for a variety of reasons. We're not a security company, or a solar company.

We're an internet company.

I like to compare it to a train track. We build the railway system, not the trains. We do not want to lose focus on what we're good at.

A security company that also provides internet? In my opinion, this is a very bad idea. Too much stuff going on. The perfect recipe for disaster.

Nope, we stick to what we're good at, and that's providing superior internet services.

So does your potential internet provider pass the litmus test?

If they could answer all these questions to your satisfaction, then it's a go! Sign on the dotted line and all of that.

Techconnect no long term Internet contracts

If not, you have an important decision to make. Are you going to risk the time, money and frustrations of choosing the wrong Internet Service Provider in Nkomazi?

Let's put it this way - no one has ever been fired and no marriage has ever been broken up for choosing techCONNECT. It's the safe choice.

Need proof? Read on.


Customer testimonial praising fast and reliable internet service by techCONNECT in Marloth Park
Customer testimonial praising fast and reliable internet service by techCONNECT in Marloth Park
Customer testimonial praising fast and reliable internet service by techCONNECT in Marloth Park
Customer testimonial praising fast and reliable internet service by techCONNECT in Marloth Park
Customer testimonial praising fast and reliable internet service by techCONNECT in Marloth Park
Customer testimonial praising fast and reliable internet service by techCONNECT in Marloth Park
Customer testimonial praising fast and reliable internet service by techCONNECT in Marloth Park
Customer testimonial praising fast and reliable internet service by techCONNECT in Marloth Park
Customer testimonial praising fast and reliable internet service by techCONNECT in Marloth Park
Customer testimonial praising fast and reliable internet service by techCONNECT in Marloth Park
Customer testimonial praising fast and reliable internet service by techCONNECT in Marloth Park


Reliable Internet services in Marloth Par Licensed and Audited by ICASA

So, let's get back to my opening statement

Fast Internet is a “farce”, and internet service providers have been lying to your face! You see, the speed of your package means nothing to having “speedy” internet.

So what am I on about?

Remember the software called Preseem that I was talking about?

The traffic cop software that makes sure your movies don't buffer and that your Whatsapp call sounds crystal clear?

Well, they're a BIG company. They have thousands of internet service providers and billions of devices they monitor on a daily basis.

Techconnect optimised streaming and whatsapp calls
Techconnect optimised streaming and whatsapp calls

Well every year they produce a report based on the data they receive from the billions of devices they monitor for their thousands of internet service provider clients.

And they noticed something very, very STRANGE going on in the industry.

Techconnect Best Internet in Marloth Park

In their own words:

"What’s interesting, as shown in the graph above, is that the bandwidth consumed by users doesn’t grow nearly as fast as the plan speed. For example, if you sell a 50 Mbps plan, customers are not going to use double what they would in a 25 Mbps plan.

In fact, it’s much flatter than that. The chart above shows the slow growth in usage as the plan speed increases. For plans under 100 Mbps, for example, customers will actually only use about 5 Mbps on average during peak times. Even in plans of 250 Mbps and beyond, the upward slope is a lot less steep than you might expect."

I'll repeat that for clarity.

For plans under 100 Mbps, for example, customers will actually only use about 5 Mbps on average.

So what they're telling us, is that the average data usage of a 100 Mbps line for their thousands of internet service provider customers who themselves have MILLIONS of customers, IS......ONLY........ 5Mbps.

Look at the graph again. A 250Mbps line on average only uses 6Mbps. If you go ALL the way up to a 1000Mbps line, the average usage is only 18Mbps. During peak times.

Fast Internet in Marloth Park

Don't believe me? Download the report by clicking here.

So why are they selling me a 50 Mbps line? Or even a 200Mbps line?

Personally, I'm stumped.

I honestly don't understand this. Greed? Ego? Maybe they're not monitoring their own networks?

Maybe they know the numbers, and know that they can oversell the line sizes because the clients will never come CLOSE to utilising all that bandwidth.

So why is my damn internet so slow in Nkomazi?

Because it's NOT about the line's speed, it's about the line's latency.

Remember that speedtest you always perform when your favourite movie or video starts to buffer? The one at www.speedtest.net?

Techconnect Low Latency

Well, you're looking at the wrong numbers. Don't worry about the speed of your line. Look at the LATENCY.

Another thing, don't use speedtest.net. They automatically choose to run a test from the server closest to you. That's dumb, because the place where all the servers containing all the movies you stream and all the Youtube videos you watch is not at the closest speedtest server.

All those servers are at JINX, the Johannesburg Internet Exchange. And that's where you need to run your speed test to.

Techconnect No Netflix buffering

So, don't use speedtest.net, rather use fast.com, Netflix's own speed test server.

Techconnect No Netflix buffering

If you have 2 Mbps or more on your speed test, your Netflix or Youtube won't buffer. Tiktok might because their videos are huge and not optimised.

BUT, the important figure to look at is the latency figure. With other service providers, if that's above 100ms, your videos will start buffering.

Simply put, latency is a measure of how effective your network is at pushing the packets through the line. Higher latency is the same as a traffic jam on the N4. All those damn trucks (Windows Updates) are slowing down the fast moving traffic (Netflix).

And that's where Preseem steps in. Even with slow moving trucks, Preseem actually does its work and gets them to move out of the damn way to let the faster traffic pass.

With Preseem, latencies as high as 400ms is not a problem.


The only benefit of having a faster line, is that more devices can access videos and calls simultaneously. So if you're not a hotel or large business, a faster line speed will help diddly squat.

Preseem recently featured techCONNECT in one of their blog posts. In the post, Arno Joubert, techCONNECT CEO, explains what a massive impact Preseem had on the techCONNECT network.

You can read the full article here.

Techconnect Success with Preseem

So Let's Summarise All Of This

This is techCONNECT's 5 Point Framework to ensure that you have super-fast, reliable, always-available internet in Nkomazi with support that's only a phone call or Whatsapp Text away.

Techconnect Added Value

1. Prioritised Streaming that can't be valued

2. Built-in Security for You and your Family valued at R199 per month

3. Free IT Support Valued at R550 per month

4. A Phone App to manage Your account Valued at R99 per month

5. Extended Support Hours from 7AM to 10PM that is invaluable

That's a total value of R1550 per month!

Now, Let's Get Down to Business

Because I'm so confident in my product and services built around our offering, I'm willing to make a commitment that will blow you away.

Look, I'm really tired of our competitors making promises that they can't keep, and then I'm only able to help you once the damage is done.

When I told my staff about this offer they gawked.

"You'll bankrupt Us", my accountant said.

"Everyone is simply going to take us up on this offer, receive all the free goodies and then ask for their money back," my sales team said.

"I don't think so," I said.

So we had to reach a compromise.

We only have 8 of these bundle offers available, so please act fast.

Limited Time Offer


  • Fibre Speed Internet, no buffering, no dropped Whatsapp calls

  • A Free Network Audit

  • Unlimited Remote PC Support

  • A Lifetime "Boost Your Speed" Plan

  • A Guaranteed 98% Connection Uptime Even During Stage 4 Loadshedding

  • Our Five Point Framework valued at R1550.00 per month

Big savings alert! Our standard installation cost is R4500, featuring our top-tier Five Point framework, adding an additional R1550 of value per month. To make it easier for you, we're slashing R2000 off the installation cost. So here's the deal: for the first eight clients who sign up before the end of the month, we're subsidising our installation cost by R2000!

Techconnect Cheap Internet nstallation

Subsidised installation cost, which includes a dish that connects your premises to our closest tower, a custom bracket, shielded outdoor UV protected cable and a WIFI router that will connect all your devices to the network.

Subsidised Installation valued at R2000.00

Tired of weak WiFi after a new internet setup? Say goodbye to those frustrations. We conduct a detailed site audit to guarantee the WiFi coverage you expect, in every corner of your home or business. This thorough check, usually valued at R1500, is part of our commitment to your satisfaction.

Free Site Audit

valued at R1500.00

Techconnect Free Site Audt

Get a free visit from our expert Network Engineer! We'll do a thorough Site Audit at your location, at no cost. This ensures you'll have smooth, uninterrupted internet and strong WiFi exactly where you need it most on your premises. Simple, efficient, and tailored just for you.

Don't let power cuts disrupt your internet! While our towers are immune to loadshedding, your home network might not be. Without a generator or solar panels, you risk losing connectivity. Our solution? We'll install a Lithium Ion UPS, ensuring your network stays up for 6 hours during outages. Say goodbye to loadshedding blues and stay connected, always.

Free Backup Battery Valued at R899

A Free backup Battery that will keep your Internet up for 4-6 Hours during loadshedding. No more downtime blues!

Free Internet Backup Battery

Here's an exciting bonus to sweeten the deal: Sign up for any internet package, and we'll boost your speed by an extra 2 mbps at no extra cost! Choose a 2 mbps package and enjoy 4 mbps, or go for 4 mbps and get 6 mbps instead. More speed means more devices connected, all for the same price you signed up for. A faster, fuller internet experience without any additional charges!

Get etra speed on your internet in Marloth Park

Add 2 Mbps to your Line Speed for ever, so if you choose a 2 Mbps package, you will receive a 4 Mbps, a 4Mbps package becomes a 6 Mbps package etc. View our current pricing on our web site over here. If you take us up on this offer for only 12 months the deal value will be R2400. This is a lifetime deal, we will never take the extra 2 Mbps away!

Add 2 Mbps to Your Speed for Ever Valued at R2400.00

Exclusive offer for our first 8 clients this month: Upgrade from our standard free one hour of monthly IT support to unlimited support! Whether it's a small glitch or a big challenge, our team is always ready to assist. Sign up now and enjoy endless expert help for all your computer issues, at no extra cost. Unlimited support, unlimited peace of mind!

Unlimited Monthly Remote Support Valued at R19800

Get endless expert support for your PC, anytime, free with techCONNECT! Usually R550 per hour, we're offering unlimited remote assistance using Anydesk or Teamviewer. This unbeatable service, valued at R1650 for just three calls a month, is now limitless and totally free as long as you're with us. If used over a year, that's R19800 in value! We're always here, always ready, at no extra cost to you.

Techconnect Unlimited PC support
Free Email addresses from your Inernet Service Proider

We will create 5 email addresses for you, choose from the domains on the right

5 Free Email Addresses Valued at R1200 per year

choose from

yourname@nkomazi.biz yourname@nkomazi.africa

yourname@lowveld.africa yourname@slowveld.africa yourname@marloth.africa

And our monthly Value Added Bundle at a total value of R1550

Techconnect unlimited PC support

Total Deal Value of R 30,649

This amazing deal could be a premium offer for our corporate clients, and yes, they do buy it at this price.

But we get it - times are tough, and money can be tight. We know that just selling an internet package isn't enough. Real value comes from ongoing support: fixing those tricky digital devices and PCs, setting up your smart TVs, connecting devices to your network, sorting out printer setups, and providing all the IT support you need.

We're here to make sure your 'good' internet is great in every way.

Contact techCONNECT on 013 013 0310


So if we offer this deal at a massively reduced price today, say a 50% discount, everyone will be knocking down my door. As a matter of fact, this is a deal we're already offering our larger, corporate clients, and they jumped on it at this price.

So we've done it before and we know this is possible. All the systems are in place and we're doing it at scale.

Look, if we were just to offer Preseem, pricing would start at R4000 per month.

Marloth Optimised Video streaming

That's the STARTER cost.

But now that we have many, many more clients, we've reached an economy of scales and so we're able to pass the saving onto our clients.

And these economies of scales now allow us to offer this entire deal for a side splitting price of only

R6,999.00 once off for a limited time only

Techconnect Money Back Guarantee

Our Money Back Guarantee

If, for any reason you are not satisfied with our products or services, we guarantee that we'll refund your installation fee if you cancel within the first three months, no questions asked. Simply give us your bank account and we'll pay the money back.

Connection Uptime Guarantee

Even During Stage 4!

If for any reason we do not maintain a 98% connection uptime over this 3 month period of time, we will credit your account to the value of at least one month's free internet per month that we were down for more than 2%. Even at stage 4!

Techconnect keeps your internet up during loadshedding

You may view our Network Uptime at https://status.techshops.co.za

WARNING: This is a Limited Time Offer

No Long Term Contracts

It's really easy doing business with us. We don't want you to jump through hoops and "prove" to us that things aren't working.

We get it, sometimes things don't work out. Pop us a mail or a Whatsapp and we won't haggle. What's the use?

I guarantee that if there is an issue we're going to try our best to fix it for you. 100%. But we're not going to hold a gun to your head with a long-term contract.

No long term contracts for Techconnect Internet

Only 8 Available

As a compromise with my accountant and staff, I had to agree that I could only offer 8 of these deals, so please act fast!

Do you know what? I'm going out on a limb (Samantha please forgive me), so if you book your free Audit today, I'll offer the entire package at only


Final Offer. But please act now, this deal is not going to last! Samantha, our beancounter is not going to be happy.

This is a limited Time Offer. I only have 8!

Do not lose out. Act Today!




R 1,200



Free Computer support in Marloth Park


Total Deal Value of R 30,649

for only R2,500

Pay for it over 6 weeks, in 4 interest-free payments.

R625 per instalment

Techconnect Payflex 0% Finance

With Payflex, you don't need to worry that our small installation fee is going to make a dent in your budget. You get approved in a matter of minutes, and they don't charge you a cent's interest (we pay that).

If you're worried that you won't know how to apply for a Payflex payment Holiday, chat to us on 013 013 0310, we'll help you out. It's as simple as scanning a QR Code!

So what are you waiting for? Claim the offer now! Simply complete the form and we'll be in touch.

I agree to terms & conditions provided by the company. By providing my phone number, I agree to receive text messages from the business.

Thanks for taking the time to read this page and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Arno Joubert


Aaaaaah you made it, to the warm and cosy place in the PS section.

And, in case you're one of those people who just skip to the end, here's the deal:

I'm offering a bunch of benefits to the value of more than R30,000.00 for a small initial fee of R2,500…

I'm also offering a money back guarantee that if you are not 100% satisfied with our product or service, after 3 months we'll refund you the R2,500, no questions asked.


Seriously? Still reading? Who hurt you?...

Okay, look. This is a very limited offer and I only have 8 of these packages available, so please act now!

Unlimited remote IT support, 5 free email addresses at a domain of your choice (these include [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected] or even [email protected]!)

If you don't like these domain names, choose your own!

So act now and just hit the damn order button.

There's no "catch" to this offer.

You will NOT be signing up for any "trial" to some monthly program or anything like that.

No shenanigans of any kind (pinky promise).


And we will NOT tie you into a long term contract.

I’m so confident in the value you will be receving and that no-one in Nkomazi will be able to compete with this offer, that if you are not 100% satisfied, let me know…

And I'll even give you back the money you spent.

You don't even need to give the equipment back.

How’s that for magic?

Okay, hit the big red shiny obnoxious button below and claim your deal now.

Listen, giddyup, okay?



You won't regret it.